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Perfect for preschools that want to get their little ones up and moving. We aim to get the children moving and enjoying exercise with their friends. During the session we will use our bodies to learn about shapes, balance and control. 'Wake and Shake' is a morning sessions that can be ran before school starts. During a 'Wake and Shake' class the children wont be learning a routine but instead just be encouraged to get up and get moving to the music, the dance coach will provide games and activities for the children to partake in.

What better way to start the day than to dance the early morning away. Breakfast clubs consist of brain games followed by a gentle warm up and light dance routines all of which will allow the pupils to prepare their bodies and minds for the school day ahead.

From playing music in the school playground and getting the children dancing through their lunch times to having a pre-planned dance class, it’s your choice. Our main aim is to keep children active and give them the opportunity to participate in organised activities whilst having fun with their friends and improving their fitness levels.

Try extending the school day by adding a fun and energetic after school club. We will take a register when the children arrive and will stay until the last child is picked up and signed out by their parent/guardian. After school clubs aim to engage children in a specific dance genre and will help them to learn and practise choreographing their own dances, learn new skills and perform as a group. Genres available: Street Dance, Contemporary, Ballet, Drama, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading.


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